About me

About me……hmmm. Not really much to say.

‘Husband, Father, Gamer’ pretty much somes me up. The first are done for most of the time, the last one whenever I get a spare minute.

I work in the financial sector and, whilst not worried about my own job, I’m not really looking forward to what’s going to be happening to the company over the next few years. But, as people tell me, at least I have a job.

I’ve been living in this house with my wife for about two and a half years now. Our darling daughter arrived two years ago and we got married last summer. Bit of the wrong way about but we’re very happy with it.

Our first place together traumatised us so much that we sold it, quit our jobs and went travelling for a year. I can best describe it as like living underneath a 24 hour recording for the Jerry Springer show. On drugs. Not being taken by us I hasten to add. Although, maybe that would have helped?

As for my likes, they can best be described by a comment I hear all too often: “You’re just a big kid!”

Films, books, games, comics, music. Or, collectively, anything cool.

Dislikes are few and far between, I’m willing to have a go at anything. In people, I’m no fan of ignorance and intolerance, unfortunately, both are all too common at the moment.

That pretty much sums me up, seems like I had a decent amount to say after all.


One thought on “About me

  1. Hello mate!

    Like the blog, I’ve not watched the US office yet, should really check it out. The same goes for Watchmen. The build looks like it’s going well. I’m glad i’ve not had to go through that kind of stress…yet! Anyway, I shall be checking regularly for updates!

    Mike W

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