Previously, on Neil’s Blog…..

So, yeah, it’s been a while since I last updated this and, truth be told, I kinda forgot that I’d even done it in the first place. I’d originally set this up as a way of recording the progress of the extension that we had done to our house. It was a life changing event and one that I felt should be documented.

Since then, we’ve had a fairly easy going couple of years; our son arrived and introduced us to the interesting world that is You Have Two Children Now and, after a couple of hiccups, I finally found a job that feels like it’s going somewhere.

Things recently took a turn for the rubbish when we had another life changer so I thought, why not, and kicked up the old blog, once again.

Our son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few weeks ago after we realised that he really wasn’t doing too well. We took him to the Doctor to get checked out and had our worries confirmed. He got rushed to hospital that evening and spent the next five nights there while he was stabilised to a point that he could come home and continue his treatment here.

I won’t go into any details as it was grim enough going through it the first time but we both had lots of support from family, friends and the staff at the hospital to allow us to get through it.

Things are certainly a lot more settled now with him being home but there’s going to be that constant worry for us all that something could go wrong. What does us make us feel better though is that the support we got from the hospital is still there and there is so much information out there on diabetes that it, hopefully, shouldn’t be the case that we feel like we’re stuck and we don’t know what to do.

I’ll still post stuff about the kind of nonsense I’m watching, reading, playing or listening to but with a smattering of medical stuff now too.

Hope you don’t mind and you enjoy reading.



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