The Boss

Another thing of note that I missed off the list is that we got to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band during the summer.

Now, I’m not one to exaggerate, but it was the single best concert in the entire history of the world. Ever.

Here’s the set list. Read it, be jealous and then make up a cd with all the songs on it and enjoy the awesomeness that is Bruce and the boys.


One thought on “The Boss

  1. Love The Boss- wish I’d taken the chance to see him when I was in Toronto.

    Working my way through The Wire too- I picked up series 5 on FX so know the ending but still keen to backfill so currently a third of the way through series 1 (glad to see parenthood doesn’t mean end of decent TV watching completely!).

    Catch up soon.


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