‘S all good, dawg

…..aaaand relax.

Things have finally settled down and the world is all shiney again.

Happenings of note:

– The house is totally finished

– I got told my job was at risk and there was a possibility of redundancy

– I got offered a new job and promotion

– My wife and I finally finished watching The Wire

– Baby number 2 is on its way!

Yep, as highlighted by my Best Man in his wedding speach, my wife and I can never seem to just take it easy for any amount of time. Just to prove him right, after a few weeks of quiet with the extension being finished, we’re jumping right back into the world of “uh….what?” once again. All I can say is that we’re both excited and nervous at the same time, I can’t wait to see the wee fella/lass though.

Before this happens, I had my last night out for a while yesterday, saying farewell to a friend of mine before she heads off to New Zealand for a few months.

Best of luck Kathryn, bet you can’t wait to have this on your doorstep:

On the way to Milford Sound

On the way to Milford Sound


2 thoughts on “‘S all good, dawg

  1. Hurray, the blog lives again!
    Blog 2: Rise of the Blog
    So pleased with all the news.
    Weekends man, what you gona do with them?

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