More cool stuff

In amongst all the cleaning, decorating and “Get back to bed!”s, I’ve still been finding the time to catch up with those things that keep me sane.

Here’s the current crop of stuff wot oi loik:


Lost – Ceeeeripes! Season 5 came to end a couple of weeks ago and, for those that tuned out after the rather dull second series, YES! Questions are being answered! More questions are also being raised but, after finding its way towards the end of series 3, Lost deserves a place in the TV Hall of Fame when it finally comes to end next year. Just in case you were wondering how much weirder it could have got…..they introduced time travel, people that don’t age and people rising from the grave into the storyline. All done so well though that it’s every geek’s dream show.



Watership Down – I remember a friend of the family recommending this to me (many years ago) when I’d told him how much I enjoyed the cartoon version that came out. It took me a while but I finally picked it up. And now, I can’t put it back down. A lovely book that follows the adventures of a group of rabbits that fear the end may be near for their warren and decide to make a break for freedom. Really, really good. Thanks Uncle Ross.



Fallout 3 – Spending all my money on building and decorating stuff has meant that I’ve had to cut down on the more important things ( 🙂 ). Games that go on for as long as Fallout 3 certainly help. I’ve been playing this for about 3 months now (solid) and am only now nearing the end.

An absolute masterpiece of gaming design, you play the role of the Lone Wanderer. Escaping from the Vault where you have spent the first 19 years of your life, you emerge to see a desolate landscape that was once America but, thanks to a nuclear apocalypse, is now just…..a bit of a mess, really.  After that, the game pretty much leaves things up to you. You can follow the main storyline (which involves hunting for your missing father) or just wander the barren landscapes, picking up quests and jobs as you go, taking out the local wildlife (all which have undergone the effects of 200 years of radiation mutation) with any weaponry that happens to be lying around.

It’s one of my favourite games of all time and I’ve enjoyed every single one of the 72 hours that I’ve played it for so far. This bloke has a good few words to say about it too, over to Rab Florence from the much loved but no longer around Consolvania :


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