Who Watches The Watchmen?



I went to see this last night and thought it was great. I’ve read the comic, sorry, ‘graphic novel’ (one of the most celebrated and iconic of all time)  but not in quite a while so couldn’t remember it all but I reckon Zack Snyder (the director) got most of it pretty spot on.

It’s pretty hard to explain the storyline but it kinda goes along the lines of…

Set in an alternate 1985 (Nixon is still President, the Vietnam war was won by the Americans), a bunch of superheroes are no longer considered super by their once adoring public, mostly due to an act being passed by the governemt to outlaw all super heroes.

After adjusting to ‘normal’ life and accepting that their time in the spotlight is over, they are forced to re-don the mask and cowl after the death of one of them leads to the discovery of a world threatening plot.

There’s more to it than that, a lot more in fact, but saying anything else would be giving too much away.

Have a wee look at the picture below to give you an idea of the type of people that make up the Watchmen. Come on, you know you have to see a film where one of the characters can change the molecular make-up of anything, be in different places in time at the same time and travel to Mars like he was nipping out for a pint of milk! (guess which one he is)

Clue: He's a different shade of blue than the other five.

Clue: He's a different shade of blue than the other five.


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