And so it begins………

So, my wife and I spent last night having a bit of a fret. It was all going to be starting. Should we still have gone ahead with it? Have we done enough preparation? How many times should we offer the builders a cup of tea?

Too late. We just had to get on with it.

Our little girl expressed her displeasure by bringing up the spaghetti that I’d made for tea just as we were tucking her in to bed. Still, she was pretty much fine afterwards and slept the rest of the night with no problems.

This morning then. The builders arrived when the said they would, told me what they were going to do today. Did it and were away by lunch time.

No hassle. Minimal noise. All good.

What was all the worrying about? Admittedly, things may be a bit more hectic tomorrow as the skip and digger are arriving but I think we’re just going to have to take each day as it comes.

Today they were just marking out the build area, cutting up the tarmac and checking the foundations, as you can see below.

basic layout

It doesn't seem too big but we weren't really after anything mansion sized. The bit at the front is going to be a study type thing and the section closest is going to be a utility room. Finally, somewhere to put the washing machine that I measured wrongly when we moved in.

helllooooo down there!

Just a quick shot of the foundations. Thankfully, no skulls peering back at us. Yet.

As I said, they were pretty much done by lunch time so we had the rest of the afternoon to ourselves. Which only really consisted of a 30 minute trip to the post box (normally takes 5) accompanied by my daughter. She is now fascinated by pavement, hence the length of the journey.


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